Stocks with low Price to Earnings and low Price to Book value are assumed to be good for investing. 

Here we show you 5 undervalued stocks with very low PE & PB ratios and high Dividend yields. Let’s check these stocks... 

 REC Ltd. (CMP-113.15) Price to Earnings (P/E)    – 2.84 Sectoral Index P/E          – 19.07 Price to Book value(P/B) – 0.56   Dividend Yield              –  11.56% 

 ONGC (CMP-144.75) Price to Earnings (P/E)   – 3.29  Sectoral Index P/E          – 22.67  Price to Book value(P/B) – 0.70   Dividend Yield                 – 8.17% 

PFC Ltd. (CMP-137.15) Price to Earnings (P/E)    – 3.38 Sectoral Index P/E          – 19.07 Price to Book value(P/B) – 0.94   Dividend Yield                  – 9.08% 

Oil India Ltd. (CMP-209.45) Price to Earnings (P/E)    – 3.70 Sectoral Index P/E          – 22.67 Price to Book value(P/B) – 0.72   Dividend Yield                 – 7.29% 

Tata Steel Ltd. (CMP-110.45) Price to Earnings (P/E)    – 5.53 Sectoral Index P/E          – 10.13 Price to Book value(P/B) – 1.05   Dividend Yield                  – 4.64% 

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