Bank of India reported Q3 results on January 17, 2023, Provisions up 461% YoY.

Bank of India reported Interest Income of Rs.1,2727.75 crores rose 35.7% YoY. It was Rs.9,375.92 crores in Q3 last year. 

Bank reported Net profit of Rs.1,151.01 crores rose 12% YoY. It was Rs.1,027.45 crores in Q3 last year. 

Bank reported Operating profit Rs.3,651.93 crores up 74% YoY. It was Rs.2,095.74 crores in Q3 last year. 

Bank of India reported Provisions of Rs.1,878.98 crores up 461% YoY. It was Rs.334.93 crores in Q3 last year.

Gross NPA of 7.66% was 8.51% QoQ and 10.46% YoY.

Net NPA of 1.61% was 1.92% QoQ and 2.66% YoY.

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