Tata Motors reported Q3 Results on January 25, 2023. Company back to profit after 7 quarters to Rs.2.957.71 crores, beats the street estimates.

Tata Motors reported a total Revenue from Operations of Rs.88,488.59 crores rose 22.5% YoY. It was Rs.72,229.29 crores in Q3 last year.  

Tata Motors reported a Total Income of Rs.89,618.97 crores rose 22.9% YoY. It was Rs.72,931.86 crores in Q3 last year.  

Tata Motors reported a consolidated Net profit of Rs. 2,957.71 crores. There was a loss of Rs.1,516.14 crores in Q3 last year. 

Tata Motors reported EBITDA of Rs.9,900 crores up 11% YoY. It was the highest ever, surpassing the record set in the previous quarter. 

The company reported EBITDA margin of 11.1% for the quarter, up by 90 bps YoY. 

JLR returned to profit as chip shortages eased in the quarter and production and wholesales increased- Management of the company.

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